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Cuttings available from January through March! Berries available Now!

Our premium organic elderberry cuttings are taken from mature, dormant hardwood plants. Each cutting is hand cut at approximately a 45 degree angle, enabling additional surface area for nutrients and water to feed your plants.   It also enables easier planting success, as the angled end will be pushed into the soil about 2 inches above the lower set of buds. The second bud set is closer to the top of the cutting and the very top will be flat.  Shortly after harvesting, each cutting is rinsed in an organically approved sanitizer, and then transferred through an additional clean water bathe. Allowing drying slightly each cutting is carefully dipped into dormant oil, thus protecting your plants from mites commonly found in elderberry farms.  Cuttings sets are then packed in two gallon bags containing peat moss. Each 2 gallon bag holds 100 cuttings.  If you happen to have any additional questions please