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Certified Organic Elderberries from our farm in 2016, rated
Premium Quality.
My focus on living a healthier life started over 6 years ago.  Since, I've found elderberries to be an excellent source of vitamins and minerals that I believe have made a significant difference in the way I feel.  I ingest just 2 Tablespoons of elderberry juice daily, and have not gotten sick or the flu since then.  This, is because elderberries have  anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.  
I currently farm with my daughter and son-in-law and someday hope to pass our farm onto them.  I am teaching them the trade secrets of growing and processing certified organic elderberries as well as there cuttings.  I'm passing on my knowledge of the elderberries health benefits as well as limitations.  It's important for me to share this information with them, as well as with our customers and friends.
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The Elderberry Man
I grew up in a small Midwest farming town where the earth and its givings were what enabled us to make a living. Over the years, and there's been many of them, I've worked with the land.  
Today, we are a family farm, focused on providing premium quality certified organic elderberries and cuttings to the health conscience public - wineries, conservation organizations, nutraceutical & cosmetic companies. With a true focus on doing what is right for the land and for our customers. 
We, my wife and I, own  a small 10 acre farm where we have resided for over 24 years.  On our property we have multiple fresh water springs that feed into 3 ponds, whereby we supply the water for our organic elderberries.   

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