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Nature's most AMAZING fruit!


Offering Certified Organic Cuttings!

Elderberries offer a wide variety of Health Benefits


For thousands of years elderberries have been utilized to benefit human health.  From being an anti-viral to boosting the immune system the elderberry truly is an amazing fruit.  

You'll find explanations of how the elderberry can be used to 

  • assist in weight loss

  • improve cardiovascular health

  • help alleviate allergy symptoms

  • assist the digestive system

  • improve Respiratory health

  • assist diabetics

  • Increase bone health

  • promote skin health

Further explanations of these advantages and more will be found in our Health Benefits tab.  

The Elderberry Man
I grew up in a small Midwest farming town where the earth and its givings were what enabled us to make a living. Over the years, and there's been many of them, I've worked with the land.  
Today, we are a family farm, focused on providing premium quality certified organic elderberries and cuttings to the health conscience public - wineries, conservation organizations, nutraceutical & cosmetic companies. With a true focus on doing what is right for the land and for our customers. 

Over thousands of years the elderberries had been consumed in some manner.  Cooked in several recipes you'll find the berries and the flowers.  My wife's been making elderberry flower tea every Spring.  Add some local honey and it makes for a truly relaxing experience.


I remember my parents having a bottle of elderberry wine, and my daughter has developed a pie recipe that will remind your of grandma's.

Check out more recipes and tips here.  

Why Grow Elderberries?

Well there are the health benefits, which we have discussed. But there is also the beauty of the plant when it flowers, the wildlife it attracts, and this hardwood, deep rooted shrub is excellent at preventing soil erosion, as is well known to many conservation departments in the U.S.

Order your Elderberries and cuttings with us, as we produce only premium quality certified organic elderberry cuttings and berries. Harvested and processed the same day to reduce the deterioration of the fruits. While and cuttings are fresh cut,  processed, and treated the same day to ensure successful planting and growth with proper care.

Certified Organic Elderberries from our farm in 2016, rated Premium Quality.
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